Florida Islands for Rent

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Melody Key


Melody Key is an exclusive private island only a stone throw away from Little Palm Island, accessed only by boat from Summerland Key.  The Florida Keys are totally unique and what you  find here you will not see anywhere else in the United States.  The Keys are famous for their natural beauty and nature: One hundred and twenty miles of overseas highway connects more than 1700 islands and are there to be explored. 

Melody Key is the elite resort in the Florida Keys, unlike Little Palm Island , you will be to sole monarch on the island , no need to share our boats , catamaran,  kayaks beach areas and views with any other guests.  So, unlike Little Palm Island, if want to relax and not be disturb by other guest on multi family islands :  Melody Key Private Island is the perfect place to put your feet up, lay back and  observe the beautiful sunset from one of the several balconies which circumference the house.

Why not sit watching the sun setting with a cocktail, feast on fresh seafood fished from the surrounding waters, or just recline on a hammock suspended between two palm trees, simply unwinding and letting go with the outgoing tide. You will be, after all, on Melody Island time.

When the heat gets too much, be assured that cooling off in the sea water is only a footstep away.  Or perhaps have a refreshing dip in your private plunge pool.

If you want to explore the neighbouring waters why not take out one of the kayaks or take a sail in our 14ft Catamaran.

On Melody Key Island, the temperature is around  70 degrees farenheit (21 degrees celsuis) in January, rising to 84 degrees farenheit (29 degrees) in July.


We offer Silver, Gold and Platinum packages

WEEKLY RENTALS will start at $6,500 plus tax and clean